I had a new website!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Hello FAM, i have an announcement to you all: We had a new website! I have been blogging for 3 years (since 2018) and now we decide to brand and upgrade to a website This means we’ve migrated from this blog to the new website. Please visit the new site, http://www.binishng.com and stay…

Ramadan online cooking class 2021

Want to boost your culinary skills? 20 amazing iftar recipes to wow your Family this Ramadan, from starters, mains, salads, drinks and more…

Scotch Egg

The exceptional scotch egg recipe with reduced calories and trans fat!

Gireba Online Class

Are you looking for a simple food business to start? Stress free and very profitable? Or you just want to amaze your family with a mouthwatering treat instead of snacking them with cake and meat pie every time? Join my Gireba Online Class with 1000 naira only! It is very unique and tantalising, and the…

Online Cooking Class iv

Want to learn exquisite recipes and improve your skills? join my online cooking class which is very affordable

Oven baked Chicken wings

I am not a fan of chicken wings before. I wonder why most people have been choosing chicken wings as their favorite chicken part. I assumed before that my favorite chicken parts are thigh and gizzard. But after making these sweet and sour oven baked wings, i start to get a strong connection with wings….


We sell the most delicious Alkaki in Town! Dublan, Gireba, Baklava (bakilawa in Hausa) and Nakiya. 5 litre Bucket of Gireba: Price: N5000 5 litre Bucket of Alkaki : N5000 5 litre Bucket of dublan : N2500 Do you need it in bulk? Or just few pieces to satisfy your cravings? We cater according to…

Sweet potato flatbread (2 ingredients only).

2 ingredients only! but very delicious and versatile. The most delicious flat bread i ever tasted, made with sweet potato. And believe me though it is made of 2 ingredients only, but the taste was always indulging and versatile that you can use it a wrap with favorite filling, you can serve with soup and…

Online Cooking Classes

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Yam donuts

Welcome back to my blog. I have another innovative recipe for you i hope you would enjoy it as my family did. Do you want to boost your culinary skills and learn amazing iftar recipes? Enroll to my Ramadan online class with N3500 only, and learn 20 amazing recipes from the comfort of your home!…